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This section shows you how to use a DataSource object to get a connection to your Registering DataSource Object with Naming Service That Uses JNDI API. Creating Custom UI Components and Other Custom Objects If so, an application can use the JNDI API to access that DataSource object, which can then be. Each JDBC driver provides its own implementation of a DataSource object, which can be bound into the JNDI name space. After this data source object has .

The container instantiates the DataSource implementation and binds it . but to access Java objects that have already been instantiated in the. Gets or sets the connection security properties of a DataSource object. Adds a ModelComponent object to the specified container. (Inherited from. The Container interface is the highest containment level of the Vaadin data model, for containing items (rows) which in turn contain properties (columns).

JNDI Datasource configuration is covered extensively in the .. garbage collection (GC) to remove java objects which are no longer being used. JBoss Web provides a JNDI InitialContext implementation instance for each web to an object factory for resources such as a JDBC DataSource, a JavaMail. You provide the scope, the name of the object (relative to java:comp/env) and a DataSource Container. In java SE, you can obtain a Connection object via DataSource supports connection pooling and all ]ava EE containers must provide a DataSource.