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Linpack source

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LINPACK is a collection of Fortran subroutines that analyze and solve linear equations and linear least-squares problems. The package solves linear systems . To obtain unrolled source BLAS, add -DUNROLL to the command lines. Linpack\n\n"); ops = (e0*(n*n*n))/ + *(n*n); matgen(a,lda,n,b,&norma); t1 . The Linpack benchmark code measures floating point computation performance. For more information, see the Linpack Benchmark FAQ. This compiles the benchmark using double precision (-DDP) values and not unrolling the loops (-DROLL).

The LINPACK benchmark is a test problem used to rate the performance of a The C source code presented here is unusual in that a single file embodies both . MJ Rutter's Linpack Sources. The code here is not in any sense an officially blessed version of Linpack. It lazily sets the machine epsilon to e, rather than. Linpack is a benchmark which has been around since , so has the this page looking at their performance, and a corresponding page of Linpack sources .

LINPACK is a software library for performing numerical linear algebra on digital computers. It was written in Fortran by Jack Dongarra, Jim Bunch, Cleve Moler. As a yardstick of performance we are using the `best' performance as measured by the LINPACK Benchmark. LINPACK was chosen because it is widely used. Materials also include the Redistributables, Cluster OpenMP Library, and Sample Source as defined below. B. "Redistributables" are the files. #include float sdot(long n,float *sx,long incx,float *sy,long incy) { static long i,ix,iy,m,mp1; static float sdot,stemp;.